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Busyminds Preschool, Primary & CollegeThank you for visiting our Website.

Dear Parent, we are extremely pleased that you are considering BusyMinds as the Educational Partner for your child(ren) and we look forward to working in close partnership with you.

This website is developed to give you information about our school, our admission requirements and to serve as a guide though the entire admission process. It would also answer questions you may have about the enrollment process for BusyMinds School and serve as a great resource for needed information concerning our programs, what we do and who we are.

BusyMinds is a school that has been created for the child, your child. All of our process and our prepared environment have been planned particularly for your special child(ren). We nurture our students through varied learning experiences and expose them to several skills knowing that they are versatile enough to absorb all of these experiences. 

We are set up for children aged three months to sixteen years (3 months to 16 Years) and we offer a beautiful delivery of the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) curriculum for our Early Learners in a Proudly Nigerian Setting.

Our Primary and Secondary school curriculum is’site developed’. Its development and implementation took into account our ‘Nigerianess’ such that our students are positioned to be Strong and Confident Global Citizens with a deep respect for our Nigerian roots. It is a hybrid of the National Curriculum in England with a healthy dose of the Nigerian culture infused into it. The Nigerian segments can be found in Citienship/Social Studies, Religious Studies, Civics, National Values, Art and History. Some of our comprehension passages are also Nigerian giving the children confidence in their Heritage as Africans.

We aim to challenge your child’s imagination, foster critical thinking, encourage discovery and nurture a lifelong love for learning.

Our work and instructional model encourages the development of the total child and the curriculum is integrated, demanding and experiential, thus,  equipping all learners with skills that embrace the challenging and dynamic needs of the 21st Century.

We are a three-tier school offering quality instruction in a child friendly and developmentally supportive environment for students in Early Years, Primary and Secondary School.  We also offer after school clubs, home work and school support programs. All our children experience interactive and hands on learning and we provide opportunities for everyone to explore the depths of the Nigerian Culture. This results in a truly rich learning experience for all our Students.

Our one – on – one approach to child education provides the personalized support that your child requires to blossom whilst discovering themselves. Learn, Innovate, Excel is our motto and it is a vision we run with. At BusyMinds we have a unique relationship with our families because we understand that a child thrives when home and school work together.

We appreciate your interest in our school and trust that as you take time to navigate our website, you would make the decision to bring your special treasure(s) to us.

Please come back often because we are always adding new and interesting information to our website.



Our curriculum is ‘site developed’. Its development and implementation took into account our ‘nigerianess’ such that our students are positioned to be Strong and Confident Global Citizens with a deep respect for our Nigerian roots.

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BusyMinds School, admits students of any race, color, national and ethnic origin into our school programs; activities generally accorded to or made available to students at the school, are open to all enrolled students.

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Business Assist

Business Assist is a subsidiary of SoundView Consulting and Engineering Limited. Soundview Consulting (SVC) is a business management and consulting company specializing in Human resourcing solutions and people management, cost and risk management, operational effectiveness, coaching and performance improvement solutions, Educational management, strategic planning and decision analysis.

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