Why Choose Busyminds

Where else will you register your child and be at peace whilst you are away?

Do you want an enviroment full of people who you know will care for your child almost as well as you would? A place where everyone is willing to give that little extra just to ensure you are at peace as you walk away each moning till you come back a little later for pick up?

We truly wish we had enough space to accommodate every child because we believe that  Busyinds is the best school for every child.

Busyminds is known for the following:

  1. An uncompromised, rich, nurturing and well-prepared environment set up to cater to the needs of your child.
  2. Education for the future, with the total child as our focus not just parts of the whole.
  3. Family oriented school values
  4. Proudly Nigerian with international standards for Learning
  5. High quality services.
  6. Rich French Curriculum
  7. Rich Music Program
  8. A curriculum that encourages and supports active and involved learners.
  9. 100% pass rate in Secondary School exams since September 2014/2015 year
  10. Open lines of communication
  11. In-house Nurses

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