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Training programs are a powerful tool to maximize your employee potential and to engage them in your business. In a sense, training pays for itself and the benefits to the staff and consequently the organization are enormous. We believe that as you grow your people, you grow your business.

We have training for lower level staff because we have noticed an increasing disconnect between lower level staff and management/ Front line staff. We also have a huge bouquet channelled towards mid-level and management staff.

Our training delivery is tailored to your specific needs however, we have a product offering which you may request for by emailing or calling 2348 0874 44764.

Do you have the appropriate tools and resources internally to deliver quality training?

  • We have professionals with experience in all aspects of the school system.
  • Custom tailored solutions delivered on-site, via the web, or recorded videos.
  • Proven methodologies. Think about this – Why re-invent the wheel when you can save both time and money by getting us get your staff up to speed.

We believe very strongly that by growing your people, you will grow your business.

  • Team building training
  • Customer service training
  • Administrative solutions for teaching and administrative staff
  • Classroom and Client Management
  • Finance for the non-financial manager
  • Interview coaching
  • Effective coaching systems for the head teachers.
  • Other training is available based on your schools’ specific need.


The preparation of the adult demands a high degree of self-discipline, profound commitment, and a professional attitude. This preparation can only be achieved through immersion in the methodology or work culture adopted by the institution and under the continuous supervision of experienced tutors, mentors and coaches.

Our faculty comprises of former school leaders, SME Owners, leadership consultants, and scholars all well versed in the research, practice, and policies of effective leadership in general and training in particular. We value the work that you do, and we are committed to supporting your professional development.

Our training modules are highly interactive and participatory; the sessions are structured and designed to enhance your skills and to address your challenges as Business leaders and educators. We encourage real life questions and proffer solutions in the context within which the question was asked so that we can truly enrich the learner and ultimately the business.

In addition, the sessions are interactive and provide fun and hands-on activities, which participants can immediately take back and implement in their work stations.

We believe that when the learner is a part of their learning, they can truly take responsibility for the changes that need to be made.

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