The BusyMinds Advantage.

It is my absolute pleasure to welcome you to our school’s website.

When I think about the employment landscape in 2000, when I just graduated from the university and compare it with where we are today, I cannot help but catch my breath. Things have changed and are changing at a very rapid pace.

Our world is evolving at a really quickly and the things we considered the norm no longer exist. Education, and the way we educate our precious children cannot be left behind. The reality is, the way we were educated had a bias towards the traditional employment market, a space where innovation and creativity was in low demand and compliance was the 90% top skill. That is not the world your child, if they are less than 16 years, will engage with when they are ready for the work-place. Actually, this is not the world you are currently living in.

Today’s sort after skills are innovation and creativity and a person who is posses these, self leadership and the ability to communicate, will thrive and excel.

When we started BusyMinds School in 2013, our mission was simple:

  • Do education differently
  • Nurture lifelong leaders who have the ability to adapt to their environment

To achieve this, we practically developed our curriculum and this has also evolved over the years. At BusyMinds, our curriculum is integrated, demanding and experiential and it equips all our learners with skills that embrace the challenging and dynamic needs of our ever changing world.  In our school, we use every tool at our disposal to ensure our students understand their role as change agents. Our assessment and program evaluation tools are robust enough to focus on each child and keep them challenged.

With us, your child would rise above the ordinary. Make no mistake of this.


Mrs Okeyinfu Ajayi

I come from a family of academicians and to be honest, I never imagined that I would ever be an educator. The beauty of my background, is that I had Empathy, Attention to details and Integrity, drilled into me from a very early age. These values are reflective in our ever evolving institution which comprises an Early Years Unit, A Year Group and A Secondary School.

If you ask me what the profile and strong points of a student who has enjoyed education at BusyMinds is, without hesitation, I would say:

  1. one who is ever evolving because they are always learning
  2. one who is innovative and well spoken
  3. one who understand who they are and how their actions affect others and they world in general.
OUR STRATEGY: We use a student facing and individualised system of teaching. Each child is supported within our whole school framework to be the best they can be via the use of evidence-based differentiation strategies.


In our school, our connective learning experiences, ignites innovation, and provides a platform for all our students to be more. Our Programs are:
Infant Class
Pre-School (Nursery Units)
Reception Class
Primary 1 – 6 classes.
We are have a 100% pass rate for our students going to Secondary School and in our school the overarching question is, “What is in the best interest of the child”


At Busyminds College, we are committed to providing learning experiences that supports innovative mindsets through educational experiences fashioned to open up the minds of each student to the global possibilities and opportunities that exist.
We run the Cambridge Exams in Junior Secondary and Senior Secondary Classes. We also do these Nigerian Exams: BECE, WAEC, NECO, JAMB.