Primary school is such a fun time in the life of a child. They suddenly realise, hey I am not a ‘child’ and they begin to step into the shoes of responsibility due to their new perception of maturity. Our primary school is a fun and safe space, where each child is supported as they learn, grow into themselves and form friendships that they just may take with them forever.

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Our Primary program is like no other and should be experienced by every child. It is fun yes intense and a largely individualized method of learning characterized by the children learning from the adults, the environment and most importantly they learn from themselves

Every child is different and this is evident in our teaching and the way we structure the classroom so that every child gets the support they need to thrive and prosper in Primary School.

Friendships is a big deal in primary school and we work with each family to nurture children who not only understand the importance of relationships but are willing to support those in their circle.

Given room to grow and explore the many facets of their personalities, students are here to absorb, to seek, to develop, to become;