With children, one size does not fit all and with our flexible systems, we have created learning systems that will work for your child.  Your child is our top priority and we designed our learning spaces to be diverse and integrated enough, to meet your child’s needs.

Preschool is such an exciting time for every child. The beauty about preschool is ‘PLAY’ because according to Maria Montessori, “the work of the child is PLAY”.

Our preschool runs on the Early Years Foundation framework (EYFS) and our major goals are independence and communication. One of the action points in our preschool is to support your child as they begin to make the transition from an infant to a toddler. Children at this age are inventors, builders, problem solvers, discoverers and dreamers. All our lessons comprise a beautiful blend of Videos, Images, Text, Songs, Dance, Role Play, Learning Packets and much more, creating a perfect balance of visual, auditory and tactile learning experiences.

All our children get learning they need to aid them in accomplishing their goals, thereby, helping to lay the foundation for all intellectual and emotional development to follow.

Our Pre-School Units

Little Learners' Class

Our little learners’ are at the stage of rapid development and the environment is designed to facilitate exploration and discovery. Each activity is tactile and includes movement and lots of speaking. Our EL are aged 3 months to 16 months.

Toddler Prep Class

Most infants need a bit of time to transition into the fast pace of toddlers. Their TP environment is crafted to create a space where independence and communication is nurtured intentionally. Our TP is for ages 16 months to 26 months.

Early Learners' (1&2) Class

In our Early Learning unit (1 and 2), the children learn so much more about their environment and begin to interact deeper with their peers. Language development is rapid in this community. Students are aged 2 years to 4 years.

Reception Class

The reception class is our pre-primary unit and it’s filled with loads of conversations and movement. It is a high energy class and the children enjoy a deeper learning experience as they prepare for future learning. All learning is wrapped up in PLAY.

Our Little People Matter


In preschool it is not so much about the numbers but an understanding of what the numbers are, what they can be used for and getting comfortable with them. Preschool is building a love for numbers.


Literacy is so much more than the phonic sounds and reading. A huge part of our literacy program, is speaking and listening and we incorporate self expression into our days. Our classes are full of speaking, singing and yes, reading.


The world around us is best experienced. UTW supports children’s learning about their environment and in this area of learning, children explore new cultures and better understand a lot of what we often take for granted. Children have lots of opportunities to experiment and investigate. From UTW, children can experiment, make observations and share about their thoughts.


Have you heard a child describe one of their drawings? Children are naturally expressive and this area of learning provides children with a range of materials and activities for self expression through imaginative play. EAD also aids communication, since verbal communication can be limited at such a young age. Some activities include dance, movement, music, art, and role-play.

Every child matters and our goal is to provide an environment where children know they are loved and accepted. 

 We understand the importance of thinking, so we incorporate imagination and movement into our daily activities. When we say, we are a perfect fit, we mean we are a perfect fit.

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A  Typical Day In Our Preschool