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Every child is unique and deserves the best care that is available. We understand this and everything we do, prepares each child to be their best.

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Why choose our PreSchool Community?

Lesson Types

With children, one size does not fit all and with our flexible systems, we are able to ensure that we create learning systems that will work for your child.  Your child and their well-being was top on our list as we designed our online learning space and it is diverse and integrated enough to meet their needs.
All our lessons are created to reach and develop your child. We use a beautiful blend of Videos, Slides, Images, Text and Learning Packets, creating a perfect balance of visual, auditory and tactile learning models.

Zoom Video Conferences

Your child also gets to enjoy the flexibility of the powerful features of Zoom Web Conferencing. We have enhanced our virtual programs by allowing learners to access high-quality video sessions through desktop and mobile.

Lessons Live Streaming

There is much more! We have included a Live Stream, so lectures can be conducted in real-time. Teachers can Communicate with the students, stream lessons, allow learners to follow the content and ask questions straight away via the comment section (Where practicable).


We have a well-rounded assignment module: uploads and essays. Also, with each students’ work we can check, grade, and leave notes giving you the parent and the child all the support they need per time. This gives them more freedom to drive their own learning.

Progress Summary

We have an inbuilt progress summary module that allows our students to check their status and results on the go. This function will summarize your child’s successes and showcase the results.

Point Reward Summary

We have an engaging gamification tool that award points to students for different activities.

Messaging System

There is an in-built messaging app to discuss and share ideas with other users, reach out to your child’s teacher whenever you have a question or need to chat about something.

Our Curriculumn

The curriculum framework incorporates six essential elements: Concepts, Leadership, Skills, Attitudes, Communication and Actions within the domains of Cognitive, Affective and Psychomotor. These elements allow the children to make connections with life outside the classroom –  What we call the Real World.

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