At Busyminds Online, we highlight the best of tradition within a framework of rigorous and hands-on + innovative practice. We have a perfect blend of synchronous and asynchronous learning models. Dependent on subscription model chosen, all asynchronous sessions are recorded and available to students with a click. Our overarching goal is, meaningful, relevant, and timely engagement for every children, regardless of location.

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We bring excellent education online, providing outstanding and distinctive schooling into the homes of pupils around the world

At Busyminds Online, pupils understand the importance of learning and independence. It is evident in the way they take responsibility for their learning. BusyMinds pupils work remotely and they focus. They are in charge of their daily timetables, ensuring they complete all required classwork and participate actively in class. They build skills like initiative and self-management within a school environment that gives personalized attention and support. Every child attends regular online sessions - one and one and large group. This sets them up for personal success as they achieve their academic goals. Help and support from their teachers is readily available whenever they need it.
Busyminds Online builds upon the educational culture of Busyminds School, which combines a deep level of teaching that engages and enlightens. Teachers at Busyminds have been specially trained to bring that unique + hands-on approach, online in order to reach pupils around the globe. In addition to leading daily live-teaching sessions shaping the online self-study content, Busyminds teachers serve as mentors, working with pupils individually and collectively each week to further their overall academic, social and emotional progress. Busyminds School teachers also drive our Superb Curriculum specially crafted to enrich pupils' learning experience beyond the core academic subjects.
At Busyminds Online pupils attend school primarily from home, parents have a clear view of their children's learning and play a crucial role in their success. Busyminds Online School's technology platform keeps parents updated in real-time on their children’s progress, providing them with the tools they need to guide and motivate. Our Success Coaches work closely with our parents to help them support their children’s education as needed. To start your child off, do provide an internet enabled device, a quiet area free from distraction, writing tools and watch the magic begin. Being a Busyminds Online School parent requires a unique commitment towards your child. We are here for you.

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Platform 1

  • Regular Video Classes/Meetings (Zoom or Google Meet)
  • 2 to 3 Daily Audio-Visual Learning for Primary and Secondary School
  • Student focus groups for one – to – one learning
  • Real Time Interaction on Student feed
  • Fully Interactive and Teacher Curated Content
  • Content is aligned to international standards
  • Robust Online Platform
  • Student Face Time with Direct Access to Teachers
  • Designed for Pre-School, Primary School and Secondary School

Platform 2

  • Weekly (Google meet or Zoom)
  • Audio-Visual Learning (Minimum of twice per week)
  • Scheduled posting and interaction times of general feed
  • Fully Interactive and Teacher Curated Content
  • Content is aligned to international standards
  • Robust Online Platform
  • Designed for Pre-School and Primary School

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“Well Done to the BusyMinds Team! My child was super engaged through-out the 2 weeks pilot and looked forward to being in school, online. I am excited.


“Well Done to the BusyMinds Team! If this session was as seamless as the initial two week, I am up for it. It was a good experience.