Our Curriculum

Our curriculum is site-developed and it is designed to meet the goals of our deep learning and skills based environment. It is a hybrid of the National Curriculum of England and the Nigerian National Curriculum with a primary goal to strike your child’s imagination, encourage discovery and nurture a love for learning. Our work model encourages self direction and expression via the tools of literacy, communication, mathematics, cultural and social studies, the sciences, movement, arts, music, term papers, personal, emotional and social interactions.

The curriculum is integrated, demanding and experiential and it equips all our learners with skills that embrace the challenging and dynamic needs of the 21st Century.  In our school, we use every tool at our disposal to ensure our students understand their role as change agents. This is why we pay particular attention to our Learning environment, Curriculum interactions, Assessments and Learning Transfer Methodology.

Student Voice is a standard feature in all our learning experiences, building each student to be the best they can be. With us, your child would rise above the ordinary. Make no mistake of this.

OUR STRATEGY: We use a student facing and individualised system of teaching. Each child is supported within our whole school framework to be the best they can be via the use of evidence-based differentiation strategies.


In our school, our connective learning experiences, ignites innovation, and provides a platform for all our students to be more. Our Programs are:
Infant Class
Pre-School (Nursery Units)
Reception Class
Primary 1 – 6 classes.
We are have a 100% pass rate for our students going to Secondary School and in our school the overarching question is, “What is in the best interest of the child”


At Busyminds College, we are committed to providing learning experiences that supports thinking through educational experiences designed to connect each student to the global possibilities and opportunities that exist.
We run the Cambridge Exams in Junior Secondary and Senior Secondary Classes. We also have collaborative relationships with other schools for our students to take the Nigerian Exit Exams: BECE, WAEC, NECO, JAMB.