Busyminds College

Welcome to our Busyminds College

Thank you visiting our College page. This is the first step in ensuring that your child has the best education possible in Nigeria. We assure you of this. We ask that you kindly click this link or paste it in your browser to register and choose exam dates – bit.ly/BMCollege

Starting September 2018, Busyminds is excited to inform you that we would be unveiling our College.

At BUSYMINDS COLLEGE, we offer education for key stages 3 and 4, using the National Curriculum of England and the Nigerian National Curriculum. Our Curriculum comprises all Learning and other core experiences (Spiritual, Moral, Mental, Cultural and Physical) and these forms a vital part of the whole School Program.

We are very excited about the changes we are bringing into the education space in Nigeria and we know all our students are set to do more. At the moment, we are working hard at opening up our college for viewing with the next couple of months; you will be kept updated as we go along. However, we are certain you would love our college spaces as much as much as we do.

Busyminds College is set up to meet all National and International Standards of learning as set out in our programs of study. Our learning modules have been categorised under Lower and Upper Secondary School.


At Busyminds School, all students will receive education that is world class and prepares them to lead and affect society positively. This is OUR Promise.

Our College is situated in 48B Udeco Medical Road. It is a quiet and easily accessible area of Chevy View Estate in Lekki, Lagos State.


Our Vision Statement:
At BMC, our vision is to groom children who constantly strive for excellence thereby becoming Progressive, Productive and Accountable Adults.


We are very ambitious at Busyminds College and we strive to be the ‘preferred secondary school’ in West Africa. The learning culture we have created at Busyminds School, ensures that everyone within our community continuously develops skills, knowledge and deepens their understanding daily.

We strive for excellence by ensuring high standards and expectations are evident in all that we do.

Entry Exams: Computer based and Written – bit.ly/BMCollege to register.


Whole School Aim:
In Busyminds College, our Goal is to prepare our students for life. We aim to offer life enhancing experiences that will ignite curiosity, build character and provide a platform for all our students to pursue their aspirations.

Core Values
L – Leadership, Learning, Leverage

E – Excellence, Enabled, Exceed, Engaged

A – Achievers, Aspirations, Accountable, Ambitious

D – Dependable, Diligent, Diversity, Determination

S – Standards, Support, Suceed, Solid


Why Choose Busyminds College:

At BMC, we groom leaners that are ready to take on tomorrow.

  1. All our students are aware of their abilities, and are empowered to develop themselves to their maximum potential.
  2. All our students due to constant interaction, become intensely aware of the needs of the community and are equipped to contribute fully to the life of the community.
  3. All our students would be offered a curriculum that has breadth and depth. It will be tailored to each learner, satisfy learning requirements and engage them as active participant, in the entire learning process.
  4. All our students, as they graduate from our school, would be articulate, literate and numerate. They would have lively, enquiring, independent minds.
  5. All out students would:
    • be confident in their dealings with adults and peers.
    • develop good working relationships with others.
    • have good working knowledge of a wide range of cultures and through this come to respect the rights and needs of others.
    • make sound and evidence based moral judgements.
    • have developed a love of learning that will last for the rest of their lives.
    • be adaptable enough to react to the needs of a fast changing world.
    • be aware of their strengths and know how to leverage these.

We look forward to welcoming you to our school.