Assessments at Busyminds

At Busy Minds, we acknowledge that assessments are not the true test of a child’s knowledge; however, we are of the opinion that a child who is knowledgeable, should be able to express that knowledge if presented the opportunity to do so, in a supportive environment.

The goal of all our assessments is skill transfer. If assessments are not formative, they cannot be effective and they do nothing for the learner.

The score card should never be the end result; learning and an increase in applicable skills, should be the goal. We believe in making learning count and most importantly, we take the time to connect the dots for our learners, our children thus, creating lifelong impressions.

As a parent, do not be more concerned with what your child scored and neglect what they can do with their knowledge.
We all need to learn how to translate head knowledge in children into skills and the Learning by design (LbD) model is fantastic tool we use at Busy Minds School. In the same vein, the Acquisition, Meaning Making and Transfer Instructional Model (AMT) is another effective tool for formative learning.

Our Elementary learners and to a lesser degree our pre-school are exposed to the several assessment cycles during the term. Some of these are oral or written and some are a combination of oral and written assessments

External Exams:
We always have a 100% PASS RATE for all Secondary School Exams. Our Children know what they are doing. They have been taught well and they are ready to take on the world.

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