Application ProcessAdmission Timeline

Dear Prospective Parent, we are extremely happy about your interest in Busy Minds School.  We strongly advice that applications for admission are submitted as early as possible, as the school may be at capacity in certain levels.

An application for admission will not be processed until all the necessary documents, as outlined in the “Application Requirements” and “Application Process” section are duly completed. The expected processing time is one (1) week whilst we are in session.

Within this period you will receive a notification that your application is being processed and regular updates with respect to your application status.

Once we have made a decision, you will receive notification that your admission letter is ready for collection.

The specific steps of our admission process is outlined below:

1. Visit
It is vital that Prospective parents begin the admissions process with a visit to our school.

Private tours of the school can be scheduled directly with our help desk: or by calling 0703 124 1085

2. Application Form
After the tour, interested parents are expected to fill out the visit booklet so we have your details.  Prospective parents may purchase an application form at the time or they may choose to purchase the form at a later date. The completed form should be submitted to our front desk. After submission of the form, Busy Minds will begin to process your admissions. Our application form costs N10, 000 only.

3. Parent – School meeting
Prospective parents and students meet privately with appropriate management staff or class teacher for an informal discussion of classroom procedures, expectations, and objectives. It is important that we meet the student or students before we make any admission decision.

Students applying for admission into Primary and Secondary School would be required to do an entrance exam. The Entrance exams have an oral and written component

Where necessary, prospective students visit in the appropriate classrooms while prospective parents meet with the admissions coordinator.

4. Notification
Decisions for admission are made continuously throughout the academic year (Except for JSS3) depending on space availability. Parents will receive a response after all required application materials have been submitted and all necessary processing fees have been paid in full. You will be notified to come and pick-up the admission letter for your child(ren); alternately the admission letter can be emailed if an email address is provided.

Once the decision to enrol is taken by the parent and upon receipt of the admission letter, the acceptance fees will have to be paid. At this stage the admissions forms are ready for collection.

Our Admission Fees are part of the Tuition for the Entry Term.

5. Student Placement
It is our wish to place all students in appropriate levels based on our class/age grouping; In the case where this is not possible, we shall place the student on a class wait list. It is required that all financial requirements be fulfilled for the student to be eligible for the class wait list.

As soon as a space becomes available the student is absorbed into the system.

Academic Records where applicable
A minimum of one (1) term of the most recent school records (where the student is old enough to possess them), showing subjects taken and results.

School reports from non-English speaking schools must be officially translated into English.

All student seeking for Admission into Secondary School would need to submit a written tesimonial from their former school as part of the application documents.

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