After SchoolAfter school care and recreational club (ASCARp)

Busy Minds After School Clubs (ASCARP) is a place where children can stay busy whilst they learn beyond the classroom. Our program runs straight after each school day (until *5.30pm) for children aged 2 to 11 years.

The main purpose of our after school club is to provide working parents with a safe, reliable and fun after school childcare option until the children can be picked up and taken home at the end of the day. We believe in promoting healthy child development by engaging children in physical and creative activities whist they are with us.

Our School Bonus package incorporates your child’s school goals into their daily schedule whilst they are here. We take out some time during the day when we work with your child towards achieving their academic and developmental goals from school. We work in such a way that we incorporate activities into their curricula to provide students with a deeper understanding of their subjects. In addition, we organize group and individual activities and these are an important component in helping students consider other viewpoints besides theirs. This activity also helps students communicate their knowledge to others and share experiences in a non – competitive manner.

Benefits of Busy Minds ASC

  • The aim is to help children develop their full potential through positive, social, emotional, physical and intellectual experiences:
  • By providing a stable, secure and relaxed environment where parents feel satisfied to leave their children.
  • Providing a place where child can just be children and have fun while at it.

Possibilities for learning beyond the classroom are endless and so are the benefits that they can provide for each child.

Actvity Line up:

1. School and Home Work Support – We call this our school bonus package. We work with your child to understand the concepts taught at school. We also, work with children towards special exams and general knowledge.

2. Extended care – Some children require extended care after normal school hours and we take care of the child(ren) in a fun and loving environment, till their parents pick them up.

3. After school clubs – Our after school clubs hold in a fun and stimulating environment away from normal school. Some of the after school clubs include: Scrabble, Chess, Sewing, Dancing, Writers club, Green heart, crafts, Lego Club, Reading and Mathematics clubs.

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